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    King Juan Carlos I presents SENER’s founder Enrique de Sendagorta with the Kingdom of Spain Entrepreneurial Career Award

    Madrid. June 4, 2014 –To commemorate the award, Enrique de Sendagorta [more]


    NEW! SFERA 2 training courses for CSP professionals

    The first SFERA 2 training course for CSP professionals has been launc[more]


    DLR Institute of Solar Research / Black Photon Instruments / GlassPoint

    DLR and Black Photon Instruments have developed new CSR sensor for con[more]


    Rescuing Europe from energy dependency: the role of renewables

    5th Dii Desert Energy Conference

    CSP Today Sevilla 2014



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    NEW Address and Phone number of ESTELA

    European Solar Thermal Electricity Association

    Rue de l'Industrie 10
    B-1000 Brussels

    Tel: +32 (0) 2 893 25 96

    About ESTELA

    ESTELA is the European Solar Thermal Electricity Association, created in 2007 to promote solar thermal electricity (STE) in Europe and worldwide. ESTELA supports its members by fostering market penetration of solar thermal power.

    With over 60 members – representing over 150 companies directly and indirectly – ESTELA is the only association globally that promotes solar thermal electricity beyond national borders.

    ESTELA closely collaborates with EU and international institutions in the fields of sustainable energy, climate change, environment and economic growth based on innovation.


    STE Power Plants Installed Capacity and 2020 Forecast
    STE Power Plants Installed Capacity and 2050 Forecast

    NEW!  SFERA 2 training courses for CSP professionals

    The first SFERA 2 training course for CSP professionals has been launched aiming at facilitating the communication between European researchers and industry and enhancing the transfer of know-how and innovations.  Opens external link in new windowCheck Announcement

    The SFERA partners CIEMAT, ENEA, CNRS and DLR will organize four one-week training courses for CSP professionals at their test centers covering the topics:

    • direct steam generation (2014, PSA-CIEMAT, Spain)
    • molten salts in parabolic trough (2015, ENEA, Italy)
    • central receiver systems (2016, CNRS, France)
    • parabolic trough component testing (2017, DLR at PSA, Spain)

    To submit your application, fill in Opens external link in new windowthe Application Form

    ESTELA General Assembly appoints the new Executive Committee. Luis Crespo is re-elected as President for the next term 2014-2015, and Marcel Bial as Secretary General.


    On 10 December, at the General Assembly of the European Solar Thermal Electricity Association (ESTELA), Dr. Luis Crespo was unanimously re-elected for the next 2-year term.

    The new Executive Committee for the 2014-2015 term is composed of the Association’s President: Luis Crespo, four Vice-Presidents: Michael Geyer (ABENGOA SOLAR), José Alfonso Nebrera (ACS COBRA), Eduardo García Iglesias (PROTERMOSOLAR) and Nikolaus Benz (SCHOTT SOLAR) and two Members: Ignacio Rebollo Rico (ACCIONA) and Marco Simiano (ALSTOM POWER).

    The General Assembly also appointed Marcel Bial, the current Managing Director of the Association as of May 2013, as Secretary General of the Association.

    Opens external link in new windowRead more


    Solar Thermal Electricity : The Right Choice for Policy Maker

    During the opening session of SolarPACES in Las Vegas 2013, the President of ESTELA pointed at undisputable benefits for Sunbelt countries to launch as soon as possible a STE Programme.

    Download presentation:


    Macroeconomic Impact of the Solar Thermal Electricity Industry in Spain in 2011


    Protermosolar, the Spanish Solar Thermal Electricity Association, has updated the macroeconomic impact of the STE industry in Spain for 2011.

    In the 2011, Protermosolar has published a study elaborated by Deloitte on the macroeconomic impact of CSP in Spain for 2010. In order to update the study, they have used the same ratios during 2011 to all power plant under construction or in operation, along with another set of consistent hypotheses in line with those used by Deloitte in 2010.



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