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    How to Become Number 1 in Renewables A contribution from the biomass, geothermal, and solar thermal sectors

    The EU aims to become number one in renewables, according to Europea[more]


    How solar thermal electricity creates jobs and improves energy security in Europe

    Brussels, 17 March 2015. ESTELA releases its latest Position Paper: “C[more]


    SCHOTT Solar CSP Defends its Know-how and Intellectual Property

    Mainz, Germany, December 17, 2014 – SCHOTT Solar CSP GmbH filed a laws[more]


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    Cape Town

    4th Annual Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Conference & Exhibition

    CSP Today MENASOL 2015

    Award Winning 7th Middle East & North Africa Solar Conference and Expo

    SolarPACES 2015
    Cape Town



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    About ESTELA

    ESTELA is the European Solar Thermal Electricity Association, created in 2007 to promote solar thermal electricity (STE) in Europe and worldwide. ESTELA supports its members by fostering market penetration of solar thermal power.

    ESTELA closely collaborates with EU and international institutions in the fields of sustainable energy, climate change, environment and economic growth based on innovation.

    Global Installed CSP Plants and STE Outlook for 2020 & 2050

    STE Forecast

    STE Forecast 2020

    STE Power Plants Installed Capacity and 2020 Forecast

    STE Forecast 2050

    STE Power Plants Installed Capacity and 2050 Forecast

    Featured publications

    ESTELA Position Paper - 2015 Edition:

    ESTELA Position Paper - 2015 Edition

    Concentrating Solar Power On The Road To 2030:

    How solar thermal electricity improves energy security and creates jobs in Europe


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    IEA: Solar power could be the world’s largest source of electricity by 2050

    Solar power could be the world’s largest source of electricity by 2050


    The sun could be the world’s largest source of electricity by 2050, ahead of fossil fuels, wind, hydro and nuclear, according to a pair of reports issued today by the International Energy Agency (IEA). The two IEA technology roadmaps show how solar photovoltaic (PV) systems could generate up to 16% of the world’s electricity by 2050 while solar thermal electricity (STE) from concentrating solar power (CSP) plants could provide an additional 11%. Combined, these solar technologies could prevent the emission of more than 6 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide per year by 2050 – that is more than all current energy-related CO2 emissions from the United States or almost all of the direct emissions from the transport sector worldwide today.

    View Press Release.

    Download IEA Technology Roadmap: Solar Thermal Electricity (2014 edition)

    View key findings foldout

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    European Solar Thermal Electricity Association 

    Rue de l'Industrie 10
    B-1000 Brussels

    Phone: +32 (0) 2 893 25 96

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    An introduction to solar thermal electricity

    Produced by Deutschen Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Beauftragte des Bundesministeriums für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ). 

    Created for the Project of the German Climate Technology Inititative of the GIZ in Brazil.