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    Andasol-1 and Andasol-2: Dispatchable Thermosolar Power plants

    Andasol-1 and Andasol-2 have been developed, constructed and are currently in commercial operation by ACS-Cobra Energy. These plants, situated in Marquesado del Zenete, Granada, are the first in the world with a storage system.

    The fundamental principle of the Andasol-1 and Andasol-2 projects is to convert the primary solar energy into electricity through a 510,120 m² solar field with 624 cylinder-parabolic collectors, a molten salt storage system with 7.5 hours of capacity and a power block of 49.9 MW.

    Thanks to the storage system these plants can provide electricity after sunset for up to 7.5 hours.

    The projects contribute, with an annual production of 181.1 million kilowatts/hour purely solar, to fulfill the compromise that Spain has assumed in Kyoto to reduce CO2 emissions.

    Andasol-1 and Andasol-2 are able to adapt the production to the grid demand. The molten salt storage has made a breakthrough in the technology and provides great stability to the electrical system.

    Andasol - pdf 2.0 MB